DIY Lash Extensions!

April 22, 2017

Hey ladies!


Want to know how I apply my own lash extensions that last up to two weeks? Keep reading!


I've been looking into getting lash extensions for months, but it's really not something I, or most students can afford. After weeks and weeks of searching for groupons, a stylist at the salon I work at shared her secret. She uses knot free Ardell individual lashes UNDER her lashline. She said hers last about three weeks, but my first set was done in about a week and a half. I imagine that with practice, I'll get them to stay on longer. 


Here are some pictures of the lash applicaiton process.



First, I apply some glue on the back of my hand. Then I dip each lash into the glue, wait a few seconds for it to become tacky, and then place the lash underneath my top lashline, attaching it at the base of my natural lash. Then, I continue this process until I have a full set!



 Please excuse the quality of these pictures. It's really hard to take photos during the process! Anyway, this is what they look like after one eye is done. How amazing is that? Huge difference!




And here's the finished product!




I have to add a lash or two every few days, but overall they hold up pretty well. You can also order a pack of 6 containers of lashes for around $13 on Amazon, making this the absolute cheapest way to get extensions. Why pay hundreds every two weeks when you can just do them yourself, right? 


Let me know if you guys try this on your own, and be sure to tag me on Instagram @makeupbyliana so I can see how they turned out! I hope this was helpful. Good luck!






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