My Makeup Artist Story | Is It The Right Job For You?

March 16, 2017

I started younger than most people. After watching a YouTube tutorial before YouTube beauty gurus were such a big deal almost ten years ago, I began practicing on myself and my friends just for fun. Then, prom season came around and I had high school girls asking me to do their makeup! They wanted to come to me instead of a professional, and I was only 14 or 15! 


So, I started taking things a little more seriously and actually charging people for my services. I began doing hair as well. Mostly prom and wedding styles. I continued to do event related work throughout high school and dreamed of moving to the city and being a hair and makeup artist in the world of fashion during college. Which is exactly what I did, but I made sure to do some research beforehand. I bought tons of books, watched tutorials everyday to learn new techniques, and attended classes at the local Macy's MAC counter on school nights.


 Here's some hair I did on my best friend in high school!


Once I got to college, I started doing more editorial work and less events, but I was okay with it. I have an amazing portfolio because of it! I found a few photographers that I really liked working with and continued creating new work with them. That's most of what you'll see on this website.


Now I'm 21, and I still love my job. I plan to go to makeup school after I graduate from FIT so that I can be officially certified. I also started doing events again. I have 2 weddings coming up that I'm really excited about. Now that I've built up my portfolio, I'm really looking for jobs that pay more, and that happens to be more in events and less in editorial. But, I still take on photo shoots whenever I can. I also love working on independent films and music videos. I've done a few and I've gotten some really great opportunities to work on my special effects skills.


 From one of my favorite shoots!


Unfortunately, most freelance makeup artists have to take on other jobs in addition to their makeup work because it doesn't always pay enough. For example, right now, I work as a salon receptionist and a social media manager for a lingerie company. Doing social media is great because I can still make my own schedule and work from home. I love the salon too, but I've had to turn down a few photo shoots on days that I'm scheduled to work. But that's just how it goes. You won't be able to take every single job.


 Here's some of my recent work!


Think you want to be a makeup artist? If you're passionate about it and you have talent, it's probably a good fit! Also, if like making your own schedule, it's definitely a good job for you. You just have to be willing to work really hard and take on as much work as you can handle. It's also a fun bonus starting a blog and Instagram page. You don't have to, but I've found it especially rewarding over the past few years. It also helps to have some sort of certification if you don't have years of experience yet. If you're in school like me and you don't have time right now, just be sure to always practice and take advantage of every opportunity you can. Practice on your friends and yourself, and do your research!


If any of you are considering this and have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me! I also would love having an assistant on a shoot or event if you feel like you need some real world experience. You can contact me by email, phone, or on Instagram, all of which can be found on my contact page!






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