BEST Beauty Products For Blue Eyes

January 9, 2017

Calling all blue eyed girls! I know you wonder just as much as the rest of us, how on earth do celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel make their eyes pop?? Well, while you might not have a professional makeup artist to help you out every morning, you DO have me! And I'm here to share my tips and tricks, as a fellow blue eyed girl, on how to make the most of your natural features.



1. Anastasia Beverly Hills- The Modern Renaissance Palette


I got this as a Christmas gift this year and I've been using it every single day since I opened it. You might be intimidated by the red and pink shades at first, but don't be. I love using them as a pop of color underneath my eyes, or as a crease color with a more neutral shade on my lids. You can also make your look all about the bright colors and complement them with a sharp wing and some kick ass lashes. It's all up to you! But the best part about this palette is that all of the colors compliment blue eyes. So whether you're looking for something more understated, or a crazy look for a night out, your eyes will definitely be the center of attention.


















2. MAC Cosmetics- Lipstick in MAC Red


This is my go to red lipstick. I've been using it for years. The cool tones bring out blue eyes and make your teeth look white and bright, which is a huge bonus! I've also found that this particular shade doesn't budge all day, which sometimes can be a big problem when it comes to bold lip colors. The formula is long lasting, extremely pigmented, and beautiful on so many skin tones. I'm very fair, so with my blue eyes and dark hair, I end up looking a little like Snow White when I wear this. But, hey! I'm not complaining. Give this shade a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. 





















3. BECCA Cosmetics- Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal


This was a post holiday purchase that I bought with some Sephora gift cards. I'd had my eye on it for months, but couldn't rationalize spending $38 on a highlighter when I already had so many at home! But I'm so glad I went for it. The rose gold sheen doesn't settle into pores, making you look absolutely flawless, and the rose gold tone subtly brings out blue eyes in the best way. Highly highly recommend! 

















So that's it! My top 3 picks for blue eyes. I hope you enjoyed! Want to see any of these products in my next makeup look? Comment on Instagram @makeupbyliana to let me know!!





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