A Very Merry Makeup Artist's Wishlist

November 30, 2016

We all know what the holidays mean. Asking for the newest products for our kit, of course! Makeup can get EXPENSIVE. Especially all the palettes we need to accommodate different skin tones. But I've been doing this for a while and I'm going to make it easy for you. Here you'll find a list of both affordable and more pricy options of products you definitely need in your professional kit. I've included the graphics and links to make shopping super easy! Enjoy!










I've heard absolutely AMAZING things about this product, and actually, it's on my holiday wishlist. It's perfect for editorial shoots, special effects, halloween, and more. The only downside is that the colors are essentially greasepaints, so you really have to set them in order for the colors to stick. I still think it's worth it!














This is like a naked palette, but a little cheaper and a little sleeker. All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous. It's the perfect gift for any friend whether they're a makeup artist, a beauty junkie, or just starting out.


















Ahhhh! I need this. It's got stick foundations, correctors, and concealers in ALL colors! My one concern is that the wells of product may not be big enough, BUT you can always get them refilled. This has been on my list for a while. I truly think it's a must have for any makeup artist.















I loooooooooooove Morphe. They've got such great quality for the greatest prices. They make a few of these foundation palettes, and since they're so cheap, you might as well get them all! If you can't afford the Bobbi Brown option, I'd check this out.













Have an unusual shoot coming up? This palette's got you covered. I have it, and I've been able to use it so many times. Any time a client wants a pop of color or you have to create a real looking bruise on the set of a movie, you'll be prepared! And all you have to do is carry around one, thin, sleek looking palette that'll barely take up any space in your kit. Bonus: The colors are extremely pigmented.











Who's got an MUA friend that's just starting out? They're probably in need of brushes, and they probably don't have hundreds of dollars to throw away. Coastal Scents, like Morphe and BH cosmetics, offers products perfect for makeup artists that don't require them to spend a fortune. All those brushes for less than $30? You can't beat it.







That's it guys! Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for my vegan and cruelty free gift guide coming soon!!!





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