London and Amsterdam: The Travel Diaries

November 19, 2016

As most of you know, I’m spending this semester in Florence, Italy. As my time here comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about all the trips I’ve taken and how different my life has been these past three and a half months. I only have four weeks left! I can’t believe it! It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding, so, even though it’s not beauty related, I thought I’d share one of my experiences with you. (P.S. If you’re interested in reading my non-beauty writing, head over to and just type my name in…I have two articles so far, but I’ll be writing much more frequently soon. So stay tuned!)


Today I want to talk about my fall break. After midterms, we had about ten days off to travel around without worrying about homework and tests and whatnot, so my roommate and I used our time wisely and traveled to two amazing and unforgettable places. London and Amsterdam.


I still don’t know which one I liked more… They were both amazing. London was first.  We did so much. We were super touristy the first day, visiting the London Eye, seeing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and even taking a free tour that we found out about through the hostel we stayed at. But when I travel, it’s more about the restaurants and museums and the culture rather than the sight seeing. So I was really excited to go have tea and check out old English pubs. I think my favorite was the Tate Modern Museum, though. I saw the most beautiful Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. I got there an hour before the museum closed and had to pay something like 17 pounds to get in, but it was so worth it. She’s one of my favorite artists. Actually, I lied. Notting Hill was my favorite. Yes, Notting Hill, like the movie. It was the cutest town I’d ever seen and on Portobello Road, there were TONS of antique and vintage shops. I spent so much money on records and vintage gifts for my family (and a few for myself). We even saw the bookstore from the film! We also went to the Parent Trap House. And yes, we knew the whole handshake and did it right in front of the gate, just like in the movie.




In Amsterdam, we did the same thing. We hit up some of the touristy spots, like the I Amsterdam sign and the Red Light District and then went to museums and that sort of thing. I think my favorite part of Amsterdam was the Van Gogh Museum. It’s either that or the Anne Frank House…. I can’t decide. But the whole city was so beautiful, I really want to go back.




I hope I get to go back to both places. Ten days just wasn’t enough. But, overall, I’d say it was a fall break well spent. It’s an experience I’ll surely never forget.


Until next time.






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