Post Catastrophe Skincare (I'm Blaming You For These Breakouts, America)

November 15, 2016

Whether it's your country, your life, or your skin that's in trouble (or all three), you shouldn't panic. For several reasons.......


1. He who shall not be named will not be President forever.

2. We still have the power to protest, donate to important organizations (ahem, Planned Parenthood!!), and stand up for what we believe in.

3. We have yoga, green tea, and meditation for those of us who still have not calmed the f@*% down (ME).

4. And finally, we have Catastrophe Cosmetic.




One Wednesday afternoon, after approximately 15 minutes of being yelled at by an angry, yet knowledgeable Italian Lush worker on my street here in Florence, I learned that Cup O' Coffee was NOT, in fact, the best mask for my skin type. Instead, I was given Catastrophe Cosmetic. I'm still not sure if this lively young employee was insulting my skin, or my life, or both, by giving me this, but the jokes on her because it totally worked!



If you have normal but sensitive skin and are prone to redness, I totally recommend this product. It's completely vegan and cruelty free and uses blueberry and chamomile to calm your skin and prevent blemishes. I'm completely obsessed with it.


We've all had a stressful past few weeks, and a little face mask, bath bomb combo never hurt anyone. So head over to Lush  and check it out!


Until next time!





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