Mystical Mermaid Halloween Look

October 20, 2016

This was my absolute favorite out of my Halloween costumes last year, (I had three)! I used to write for someone else's blog, and that's where this tutorial lived. But then I finally believed in myself enough to create my own website and blog, so here I am! As my last tutorial of the Halloween season, I wanted to bring back my most fabulous look for you guys to recreate.


I was going for kind of a dark old glamour feel here. I wanted to look like one of those evil singing sirens that used their voices to sink ships and lure sailors to their deaths. Hey, it’s Halloween, right? I had to be a little scary in my own way. But no matter what type of mermaid you’re going to be this Halloween, hopefully this tutorial inspires you to create something mesmerizing!








Let’s get started:



  1. Make your skin appear flawless. This is the time to break out your full coverage foundation, concealer and powder. We want to create a blank canvas for the mermaid makeup to go over.

  2. Fill in your eyebrows and contour lightly












** Use whichever colors fit your costume best. Everything I mention is a suggestion!

  1. Apply an eye shadow primer

  2. Add a teal shade to the lid

  3. Blend a reddish purple above the teal and extend outward

  4. Use a shimmery white to highlight the inner corner and under the browbone

  5. Bring the teal under the eye and add a little gray or black to smoke it out

  6. Using black liquid eyeliner, create a thick wing

  7. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes

  8. Apply dramatic lashes to your top lashline

  9. Add single or trio lashes along your lower lashline



  1. Find a scale stencil or cut up some fishnet tights for a DIY version

  2. Apply the scales on each side of your face along your temples on one side and the side of your chin on the other side.

  3. Choose your color palette (I’ll use my teal version as an example)

    1. Hold the stencil against your skin and try not to let it move around too much

    2. Use a fluffy brush/powder brush to apply the most color in the center

    3. Blend outward

    4. Either use a lighter touch as you move outward or switch to a lighter teal/green (the gradient makes the fade into your skin less harsh)

  4. Use a large fluffy brush to lightly tap a shimmery pigment or glitter over scales

  5. Optional: Add the pigment to cheekbones (if there are no scales on that portion of your skin) and down the bridge of the nose for a strong highlight


  1. Line lips with a black pencil and feather slightly inward

  2. Fill in lips with a dark purple or red lipstick

  3. Blot together and blend as necessary to create a seamless ombre lip





            Long Hair:

  1. Create tight curls with a wand

  2. Wait until cool and brush out

  3. Apply texture spray

  4. Tease lightly

  5. Create a deep side part

  6. Twist each side loosely back and pin with seashell clips



Short Hair:

  1. Create waves with a 1 ¼ in curling iron

  2. Brush out lightly

  3. Tease for extra volume

  4. Make a side part

  5. To create the volume in the front, tease the bang section and then use the comb to smooth over the top and mold into the shape you want.

  6. Clip back both sides with seashell clips



You’re all done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have an absolutely enchanted Halloween.






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