In Honor Of Queen Amy

September 15, 2016

She would have been 33 years old as of yesterday. Amy Winehouse has inspired me immensely with her unique talent, her struggle, and her originality overall. Although her life tragically ended much too soon, she left such an impact on this world, and on me, which is why I’m dedicating this post to her.


In terms of beauty, Amy certainly had her own style. From the beehive to the giant wings, this girl knew what she was doing. Or rather, didn’t know, and didn’t care. I so admire the unapologetic drama in her everyday style, and of course, I appreciate the retro element as well. We should all take a lesson from Miss Winehouse and present ourselves how we truly want to be seen, regardless of what’s in style. I feel like I try to support that idea continuously on this blog, and this is the perfect opportunity to talk about it. Figure out your own style, get all dressed up even if you have nowhere to go, do whatever you want. And don’t apologize for it. It’s what Amy would want.


Her music was even more impactful than her radiant beauty. I don’t know how many of her songs you guys have heard other than what’s been played on the radio, but as a huge fan, there are just a few songs that may not be super popular, but are definitely worth your time. Check them out. Like yesterday.


  1. Love is a Losing Game

  2. I Heard Love is Blind

  3. Take the Box

  4. Addicted

  5. Me & Mr. Jones


As my own little tribute, I’ve compiled 3 photos from 3 different photo shoots involving eyeliner wings. I really think Amy brought the wing back. So the success of these shoots is all thanks to her.







We love you, Queen Amy. R.I.P and Happy Birthday,















P.S. This little baby wing is nothing compared to Amy’s, but I wore it the other day and thought I’d share. I created it using that new eyeliner pen from my last post!! (Plus a little liquid liner to make it more intense.)



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