Decisions, Decisions

August 10, 2016

It’s vital for every pro makeup artist to have enough foundation and concealer colors in their kit to accommodate models and clients of every skin tone. I currently use a Graftobian foundation palette and a Morphe concealer palette, so that I have all the bases covered.


But lately, I’ve been wondering if that’s enough. I’m completely self-taught, so I have no idea what other people keep in their kits, but I’ve been considering expanding mine. I might wait until the holidays to officially purchase anything new. (There isn’t usually anything I want, so I usually just get lots and lots of makeup. Which is amazing!) But I’d like to make some decisions now, and start looking for new products that might make my clients’ skin look even better than what I’m capable of now.


So here’s what I’m thinking….


Option #1: Liquid Foundations




These are what I use on myself to get the most flawless, even finish, so maybe I should start using liquid on clients. I get the 40% pro discount at MAC, so I could get 4 or 5 Face and Body foundations in varying shades and just mix them.


That would cost me between $70-$84, with the discount.


Option #2: A More Extensive Cream Palette




Palettes are so great to travel with, and you never have to worry about anything leaking or breaking, which is why I love to use them. They also work really well with my Eve Pearl mixing palettes and spatulas for hygiene. Bobbi Brown has a really highly regarded palette called the BBU Palette, or the Bobbi Brown University Palette. This contains 13 shades of corrector, 14 shades of concealer, and 20 shades of foundation.


My only reservation is that all of the products are cream based, and I already have so many of those. But, Bobbi Brown products are such high quality that it might be worth it. It’s also $250, which is much more than the MAC foundations. But, I’d be getting tons more for the extra money.


Bobbi Brown has similar “all in one” pro kits for lips and eyes, so I could try the face one out and then see if I want to add the rest to my kit. Then I’d really only have to carry a few palettes, which would make running around the city with my whole kit SO much easier.


Fellow makeup artists, what would you do?? Help!




Talk soon!
















P.S Here's a quick update from my last post: I have aggravated tonsillitis, not the flu- but worry not, my fab friends, I’m on antibiotics, and until further notice, I’m couch bound, which means more blogging!

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