How To Save (A Makeup Artist’s) Life

July 21, 2016

Two words. Well, one. Kind of. Micro-Nail. Only the COOLEST of tools to hit the beauty market since cake mascara in the 1920s. Seriously. Makeup artists. Hairstylists. READ ON.


I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t commit to having perfectly painted nails every time I work with a client. But, hygiene is super important, especially when your hands are gonna be all up in someone’s face. So it’s vital to look the part, and have soft, sparkling hands at all times.


























This tool buffs your nails with one piece, and then shines them with another. It’s so user friendly, quick to use, and leaves your nails looking gorgeous, with or without polish, for up to two weeks! You can’t beat that.



I’ve been using it and haven’t had to worry about getting a manicure in MONTHS! It leaves my nails looking beautiful and more importantly, professional. This is a must have for every beauty enthusiast, but especially for those who work in the industry.


Right now, it’s on sale! If you decide to check it out (which you totally should), tag me on Instagram @makeupbyliana to let me know what you thought! Remember, I wouldn’t recommend a product that sucks. So go for it. Treat yaself. I’ll leave the link!



Talk soon!!



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