Im Baaaaack!

July 10, 2016

I know, it seems like I haven’t been gone all that long. But sneaky little me has been scheduling posts in advance, and I haven’t actually written anything in several weeks. So I stand here today, err…sit here today, to apologize, explain, and let you know what’s coming up.


I’ll start with an explanation. Mental illness is a tricky thing. I’ve actually been thinking of making a more in depth post about how blogging and freelance careers really benefit people who suffer with them because of the flexibility of working hours and the nature of the work in general. But we can get into that another day. My point is that the illnesses I deal with have been getting in the way of my work lately, and I’m finally feeling up to getting back in the swing of things.


I rarely take breaks, especially when it comes to this sort of work, but I knew that the content I’d be creating would be mediocre at best if I were to write and publish anything over the last few weeks. Basically, I didn’t want to write if it wasn’t going to be good. Think Christina Ricci typing nonsense and blasting records as her mind spun further and further into a black hole of nothingness. Okay, maybe I’ve seen Prozac Nation a few too many hundred times. But you get it.




Now that I’m back, I expect to pick up right where I left off. I’ve recently done several shoots that I can’t wait to share, and I’m working on an extremely exciting new project, which I’ll talk about as soon as we finalize some details. Other than that, I’ve received a great new product that I can’t wait to review for you guys, AND, I’ve even got another blog collab coming your way. That’s probably what you’ll see first, sometime later this week. It includes four fab ways to wear your hair to the gym so you can finally give that old, tired ponytail a rest.


So, my point is, I’m sorry I’ve been away from Instagram and from here, but sometimes you just need to take some time and stare at a wall for a week and a half, you know? I’m actually totally kidding. I’ve been working my ass off at the jobs I have to show up for. So taking a small hiatus from makeup and social media was my only hope of getting anything resembling a good night’s sleep. Anyway, let me know what you’d like to see! A vintage tutorial, perhaps? Some product reviews? More on mental wellness and content creation? Just leave me a comment on Instagram @makeupbyliana.


Bye for now, loves.





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