Edgy and Ethereal: 3 Braids To Step Up Your Beauty Game

June 8, 2016

Listen up, ladies. The weather is about to turn on us and we need to be prepared. Humid days are headed our way and heat styling won’t fight the frizzy fury your hair has in store. These three braided hairstyles take ten minutes or less to complete, and will keep you cool, trendy, and flyaway free all summer long. Thanks to my model, Desiree, who lent us her luscious mermaid mane for this post.


Step 1: Start out two mini French braids. Part your hair down the middle and begin French braiding the first couple inches on each side of your part. Once you get about halfway back, continue braiding regularly and secure with an elastic at the end. These braids will serve as the foundation for each of the three styles.


The Fishtail


Tie your mini braids with an elastic about halfway down the braid. Then, fishtail the rest of your hair, covering the elastic with the hair if possible. Stop braiding about ¾ of the way down the hair and secure. Take a small piece from the tail and wrap it around the elastic. Done!


The French Braid


This style looks a lot harder to complete than it actually is. For a cool twist on this classic look, french braid regularly, incorporating your mini braids as you go- and that’s it.


The Crown


Take the tails of the French braids you just created and pin them on top of your head for an edgy crown braid. Tuck the ends underneath and hold in place with bobby pins.


Got it? Now go enjoy your foxy, frizz-free summer.  


This post can also be found on What Tha Fox, the Stone Fox Bride blog!







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