Beauty Book Club

May 23, 2016


Gather 'round, my smart, well manicured friends. We've got work to do. As men and women in the industry, we're always looking to learn, right? But sometimes we forget that there are more than just YouTube tutorials and Instagram videos to keep us sharp and help us get ahead in our field. So I've compiled a short list of some of my favorite beauty books that you're guaranteed to love just as much as I did. So seriously, put down the Nicholas Sparks, abandon the John Green, and pick up one of these.


1. Beauty by Lauren Conrad



The former Hills star has spent years in front of the camera, and her signature look has seriously improved since her days of bottle blonde and frosted lipgloss. In this book, she shares all of her tips and tricks on how she created her signature look, which inspired me on how to create mine. Her step by step techniques for perfect hair and applying fluttery falsies are so easy to follow, and she sprinkles in some health tips too, so you can become beautiful from the inside out. 



2. Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown



I LOVE this woman. Her products are amazing and she sends the best "be yourself, but better" message regarding makeup application. She's such a great role model for young girls, so this one would make a perfect gift for any beauty loving teen that needs to take her raccoon eyeliner down just a notch or two. Brown uses real girls to demonstrate techniques for everything from day to day looks to special occasion smoky eyes. Read this for an insight into all of her pro secrets and techniques. 



3. The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Fashion



Okay, so this book is about more than just beauty. I read this when I was just starting out and was so inspired reading about how the great makeup artists like Pat McGrath and Gucci Westman got their start in the industry. Whether you're a fashion photographer, designer, model, hairstylist, or makeup artist, you'll love this book. Read to experience the top industry professionals sharing their stories and extremely helpful career advice for developing artists and students. 



4. Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour by Dita Von Teese



This one's on my "to read" list. Dita is my ultimate beauty and style icon, so naturally I've been dying to get my hands on her book. It includes every detail about the burlesque star's glamorous life and shares her tips and tricks for living a fabulously eccentric lifestyle. I've been trying to navigate my way through vintage and retro styles by taking inspiration from old hollywood stars, but Ms. Von Teese seems to have it down, so why not learn from the best? 






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