Put A "Spring" In Your Beauty Step

May 8, 2016

May Day, May Day! Winter's officially over- the sun is shining, tulips are poking forth from the earth — so why are you still looking as gross and pale as a pile of pee-soaked December snow?



Fret not, my fab friends. I'm here to help.  


Keep It Simple. Switch out your full coverage foundation for a silky tinted moisturizer with SPF — and don’t even THINK about stepping foot into a tanning salon. (Unless, that is, you’re going for the distressed leather handbag look).

    Brush Up Your Brows. It's one of the fastest ways to look edgy-but-pretty. Then throw on a red lip and get your butt out the door.


    Get glowy. Natural skin is all the rage these days, so take advantage of the world’s easiest trend. Keep it all barely-there, then smooth a multipurpose balm (like Glossier's Balm Dotcom) over your brows, browbone, lips, and cheekbones to get a nice, natural sheen. It’s like the cute, less gross version of sweating.




    Mermaid braids are the bomb. I know, I know, Kylie made dutch plaits mainstream, and festival girls with bottle ombres everywhere are thrilled. But if you want to be a little less Kardashian and a little more ethereal, try a milkmaid or headband style braid. Watch a three-minute YouTube tutorial to figure out how — I'm too lazy to explain how to do it in this post.


     Nail it. Metallics are everywhere this season. Try switching things up with a wash of rose gold for a different approach. Step 1: File your nails into an almond shape. Step 2: Apply one coat of polish, followed by a shiny, strengthening topcoat. Step 3: Shoot for Insta while strategically holding a sliver of avocado toast, then watch the likes pour in.


    Lighten up. Invest in some strategically placed highlights for the same effect. Babylights, balayage, sombre, and hair painting in a shade or two lighter than your base color will kickstart your spring look. Just stay away from the stripes — the goal is Brigitte Bardot 1972, NOT Christina Aguilera 2001.


    Ride the wave. If your hair is anything like mine (serious jew fro that defies any and all heat styling efforts,) you’ve probably lost all hope of conquering undone, effortless waves. But don’t give up just yet. Curl your hair with a 1.5-inch iron and then sleep on it. The next morning, wrap pieces around the iron, leaving the ends out. Finish with a shine serum and pray that the humidity gods are in a good mood.


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