Oops, I Did It Again…

May 2, 2016



I’d like to start off this post with 3 things I could never spend $300 on, even though I’d love to.


  1. Fabulous, wonderful, glorious shoes. Unless I’d wear them every day, I wouldn’t even think about it. Ya girl’s on a college budget in New York City. Forget it.

  2. Concert tickets. Good music is so important. But so is keeping my wallet happy. Even if Miss Judy Garland herself crawled out of her grave to serenade me personally, I’d have to seriously consider it. Next.

  3. Salon Services. Sure, a couple highlights from a master stylist at a fancy salon couldn’t hurt. And I could DEFINITELY go for a shine treatment and a trim. But alas, food money has its name for a reason.


BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD SPEND $300 ON?? I’ll give you one guess.

You got it, beauty products. I’m guilty.


Pictured with me is my dear friend and fellow makeup artist, GiGi. Watch out for her post on the event coming tomorrow!! 


I went to The Makeup Show in Chelsea today and went a little crazy. Like, 4 beauty blenders crazy. Like, 4 beauty blenders, 10 pairs of lashes, and 7 lipsticks crazy. I’m a 20 year-old college student with no money and a makeup collection big enough for 14 people minimum. But what can you do? It's true, I'm a lot of money poorer. But I'm also a LOT of fun fancy sparkly things richer. To be honest, I’m not even that mad. In fact, I’ve gotta go because I want to go PLAY!!! Expect to see some magnificent new work in the very near future featuring all my new products!
















This post is dedicated to my savings account. Sincerest apologies, dear friend. I promise I’ll make good use

of my purchases.









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