I'm A Model?

April 8, 2016

I'm a makeup artist. (Duh.)


I'm rarely one to step in front of the camera, but after a trip to an antique store upstate, I found myself back home with an armful of retro lingerie and a burning desire to create a shoot around my new vintage finds. Well, new to me anyway. Is that gross? Buying lingerie that someone else wore? Maybe they washed it. Probably not.


Anyway, my favorite photographer and extraordinarily talented friend, Juli and I love doing dark beauty editorial type shoots, so I came up with a plan. It would be inspired by my favorite movie, Valley of the Dolls, and I'd get to play dress up. Yay! 


 Modeling doesn't come all that naturally to me, so I kind of thought of it as acting. The character I came up with was a glamorous-yet-psychotic young woman who lives in a mansion, spending her days planning her husband's murder, which she'll blame on the pool boy. I don't know what goes on in my mind either. But hey, it worked! 




So, am I a model now? Absolutely not. Will I tell my entire extended family back home that I am? You bet.


Check out Juli's work on her website, Juliteitler.com 






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